Welcome to our beautiful harbour!

We wish you a pleasant stay!

Our newly renovated harbour consists of a small Café, which offers a warm lunch, thirst quenching beverages, delicious dinners and of course a variety of ice cream for those hot summer days! You’ll also find plenty of seating areas, with an amazing view of our Molay cliffs, filled with history and fossils, You’ll also be able to see our amazing turquoise lagoon, with a convenient hiking path around it, that makes it suitable for every age to walk and experience. 
The locals are always around, and if you ask them about the area and its history, they’ll give you a tale or two about the place. 

If you wish to stay a night with your camper or in your boat, you’ll find our fair prices here:
Prices are temporarily updated and will be published on the website as soon as they become available.