Welcome to our beautiful little harbour!

We wish you a pleasant stay!

If you just stop by, we are sure you will find something refreshing at Café Lagunen. The café offers warm lunch and dinner as well as snacks, icecream and coffee during the summer season.

If you are considering to stay with your boat or camper in our harbour, you can find here our prices:

Sailing guests/Campers: 80 Danish Crowns/day
Sailing guests/Campers, electricity included: 100 Danish Crowns/day
Sailing guests/Campers, electricity/bath/washing machine/tumble dryer included: 120 Danish Crowns/day

For cyclists and sailing guests with a tent: 20 Danish Crowns/day/person

Bathroom: 10 Danish Crowns
Washing machine: 20 Danish Crowns
Tumble dryer: 20 Danish Crowns

You pay at Café Lagunen.